At Tony Curtis & Associates, we strongly believe that the proper training and education are keys to success. Today’s employer requires professionally trained personnel that poses a variety of Industry related skills such as knowledge of fabrics, technology of production, computer skills.

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Ryerson Polytechnic University
Ryerson, the only university in Ontario to offer a degree in fashion, can prepare you. The faculty consists of some of the best in the industry. The School of Fashion will provide you with an education that combines theory with the most up-to-date industry practices. You can hone your skills right here using our Auto- CAD equipment, design studios, and computer graphics labs.

Seneca College (School of Fashion & Merchandising)
Fashion Arts Diploma Program is the theoretical and practical study of clothing design and production for the Fashion industry. This program consists of design, textiles, patternmaking, draping, grading, knitwear, history, construction and marketing.

LaSalle College
LaSalle College is gaining a reputation as the international educational institution. With affiliated colleges on several continents. LaSalle College is keeping pace with a world in which borders are becoming less important. As a result, at LaSalle College students will receive training that will prepare them for membership in a new generation of professionals.

George Brown College (School of Fashion & Creative Technologies)
The School of Fashion & Creative Technologies offers you a variety of opportunities to expand your portfolio and showcase your unique talents. The programs blend creativity and academics to prepare you for the diverse demands of the entrepreneurial artist’s world.

Blanche Macdonald Centre
Blanche Macdonald Centre offers professional diploma programs in Make-up Artistry, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Esthetics, and Nail Technology. Available 1 year diploma program in Fashion Design and a 9 month program in Fashion Merchandising.

Fanshawe College (Fashion Design)
Fashion Design is a three year co-operative diploma program providing professional career directed training in the development, production management and marketing of apparel design. Emphasis is placed on design analysis, apparel manufacturing & technology. Skills such as fashion illustration, computer aided design, pattern-making and garment construction techniques are taught, and supported by studies of textile technology, historical research, and various manufacturing processes.

 The Academy of Design
The Academy of Design helps students from all over the world turn their passion into fulfilling careers. Toronto’s boutique school of fashion offers its students an exclusive learning atmosphere that enriches your own innovative vision with balanced creative and technical skills training. The Academy of Design offers intensive 18-month professional diploma programs in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing and Merchandising.