Job Description

Job Code : SprScrB - Production Supervisor Filled
Location : Scarborough
Starting Date : Jan 2016
Salary : $40-43k + benefits
Description :

Position Overview:
Reporting to the Manager of Production, you are responsible for coordinating and planning the activities of the Sewing Machine Operators, ensuring that your team is performing at a high level and reaching daily quotas.
• Responsible for the main supervision of sewing machine operators
• Review the factory loading schedule daily and plan production accordingly
• Review the approved production sample and specifications before beginning production for each released purchase order
• Calculate how many sewing machine operators are required - based on 100% efficiency, per operation, and per style on orders cut and bundled in order to meet daily quotas
• Assign the appropriate operators with matching skills
• Responsible for training sewing operators in department
• Follow through with training with each operator to ensure they have a clear understanding of how to perform the operation with acceptable efficiency and quality
• Regularly update operators on how many units per hour and per day is required for 100% efficiency
• Advise Manager of Production when operators are performing at acceptable levels to be timed (if at a temporary rate)
• Review payroll daily to measure both efficiencies and inefficiencies
• Review low performers and work with them to create action plans for improvement
• Perform quality checks on each operator in your department throughout the day
• Ensure all quality issues are being addressed and make corrections for improvement
• Provide a safe environment within department and manufacturing floor
• Communicate core values to team

Skills :

• 7-10 years’ sewing experience, preferably in apparel manufacturing industry
• 2-3 years’ supervisory experience
• Must be able to deal effectively with diverse group of workers
• Must be familiar with sewing machine operations
• Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment
• Leadership and interpersonal skills
• Able to prioritize and operate proactively, handling issues in a calm manner when appropriate
• Able to stand for extended periods of time
• Consistent in being innovative, respectful, passionate, accountable, and entrepreneurial while exhibiting personal commitment