Job Description

Job Code : RtlInt - Sales Analyst Major Retailers
Location : Toronto
Starting Date : Immediately
Salary : $40-50k
Description :

• Listing forms
- Loblaws (SAP Listing forms and Module List Forms) created for every quarter
- Walmart (Item Creation Forms) created when new item is launched
- Canadian Tire (Section C, D, E) mostly promo
- Sears (EIW) using sears system
- Sobeys (Sell Sheets, Listing forms)
- Home Outfitters (Master Worksheet and Soft Goods Broker Sheet)
- Shoppers (Vendorboard)
- ALDI (site) Quotations and Specs need to be submitted through the site along with images of items and displayer.
• Product testing
- The testing facilities we use are CTL, BV, SGS, and Intertek. Testing procedures are available and need to be followed for each retailer.
• Sales report generation
- Walmart: Every Monday reports are to be downloaded from the Retail Link system. These reports include the Financial Plan, Vendor Scorecard, Corportate POS Forecast. On Tuesdays, after the orders come in, the Instock/Replenishment report is run to see our instock percent (instock must be no less than 98.5%). If necessary, run the store report to drill down to store level in order to identify any issues.
- Loblaws: Every Tuesday reports are generated using the Vendor Portal system. Household, Seasonal, Kitchen Prep, and Soft Goods (Textiles) categories are selected individually and run by the latest week.
- London Drugs: Every Thursday, Access Gateway is used to print off reports for analysis.
- HBC (BIS): reports for Homeoutfitters are run biweekly. Sales reports need to be formatted.
- Sears (RETSI) reports are downloaded biweekly. These reports need to be formatted with a header, as the data is pretty hard to read.
• Report analysis
- Walmart: the Financial Plan needs to be formatted for sales team. We need to look at anything that looks off or out of the ordinary, ie, increases in store counts. The instock report which is downloaded Tuesdays needs to be formatted and all items below 98.5% highlighted. If the instock is extremely low, we need to download a store report and drill down to those items by store and see what the issue is. If the stores are starving for goods, we need to do a script/SSO; Sometimes Promo items need to be showcased in a special report, that shows the sell thru, and weeks of sales per store. Upon request from the Buyer, special reports must be downloaded and analyzed and suggestions given.
- Loblaws: Operations team usually requests these reports on a weekly basis. Sales team needs these reports monthly. These reports need to be put in one big report and sorted; the items that Operations does not need to see should be deleted. So far YTD sales are hard to download, the system is still under construction. If YTD sales are requested, the weeks should be added together.
- London Drugs: needs to be analyzed and orders generated through their system as required.
• Forecasting
- During a Modular set-up Walmart requests a forecast, which is done using past 52 weeks sales. The forecast should always take into account the number of stores and should be pumped up a little so that replenishment orders kick in to fill to presentation. A Nife form is also requested when a new item is setup or when an item is having issues and needs to be resubmitted into the replenishment system/ or finelines have to be corrected.
• Modular setup
- Walmart requests a modular setup twice a year. All replenishable items in all our categories need to be submitted upon request to the Walmart Lay out room, with descriptions of the items and the category and position on the modular (this information can be found on Retail Link).
• Shipment delay follow-up
• PDQ / Displayer / Pricing Sticker Orders
- It should be noted ahead of time when items require PDQs or Displayers.
- Price Stickers sometimes need to be ordered for our promos
- Keep A/P in the loop as he will have to do the payments for the stickers and the PDQ/Displayer orders.
• Order Request Forms
- Order Request forms needs to be filled out and given to Rachel so that she can place the Order with the factory. Sales team will advise on what items are required to order and the costs. Keep an eye on the email correspondence between Dophes and the Buyers so that you have all the information before running to sales team with a list of questions.
- Items will need to be measured, and weighed, along with the case packs and inners, either for listing forms or upon request from sales team and buyers. Sometimes these items are already in boxes in the warehouse and the measurements are on the box, other times you will have to measure. Warehouse will provide you with information on the Hi/Ti and where you can locate the items.
- There are many unexpected projects that pop up that will need to be addressed. Duties will fluctuate.

Skills :

Candidate Profile:
A successful candidate in this role will have to be able to prioritize, multi-task, and be take initiative. Every day is different. Some days you might be swamped, and other days you might have spare time to go through your files and organize them so that when you are swamped, you can get all that needs to be done on time.
This job is very deadline oriented. Sometimes you might have a lot of time to finish a task, but in between that time, something else might pop up, that is why it is crucial to keep your files organized and make to do lists.
There is a lot of cross-over from what you do, and what others in the office do. You must be able to work cohesively with everyone so that tasks are completed accurately and the right people are kept in the loop when an issue comes up.
Your main function in this office is as the collector and keeper of information. Everyone in the office will at some point come up to you and ask for information, and you will have to have that information at the tip of your fingers. That is why making excel charts/lists , keeping track of programs/contacts/etc, is crucial to being successful in this role.
Being able to analyze things in an objective manner and to come up with unique solutions to complex or new problems is key to this role. Many times a retailer will ask for something that you or the company has never done before, and you will have to figure out a way to do it. It is important to know who to contact and where to go in such situations.