Job Description

Job Code : Operknit - Knitting Machine Operator
Location : Toronto
Starting Date : ASAP
Salary : Open
Description :

• Operates machines to knit fabrics, garment parts and other articles from yarns such as cotton, wool, nylon and rayon.
Work Tasks (may include any combination of the following):
• Prepares machines for operation by selecting and installing attachments and components for specialised functions; sets and operates controls used to regulate processing operations; starts machines and monitors operation to detect faults and ensure effectiveness of operation; threads loom shuttles with cross-yarn arms; positions and feeds machines with fibre packages; repairs broken yarns by tying and splicing ends; examines finished products for defects and variations, reporting faults in machines, and carries out quality control procedures.

Work Environment:
• Work indoors in conditioned environment.
• The work area will usually be adequately heated and ventilated.
Work Function/Activity :
• Light demand work levels.
• Occasionally walks about the work area to collect materials and other supplies.
• Stretches out and across on a regular basis to adjust and check the knitting machine operations and adjusts needles and wool as needed.
• Does not usually squat, crouch or kneel.
• Twisting of the body or neck may be required on an occasional basis.
• Substantial contact with water or chemical substances is not required.
• Light lifting is occasionally required.
• Bends frequently over knitting machines. Hand knitters are not required to bend.
• Machine sewing requires constant repetitive hand and arm movements.
• Driving is not required.
• Uses a range of hand sewing tools and equipment or operates a commercial sewing machine.
• Uses pins, needles and a variety of other minor sewing equipment items.
• Mental activities necessary include sewing and other practical skills as well as problem-solving design and organisational skills.

Skills :

• Relevant knitting experience of 3-5 years in tubular, circular knitting. Hoisery, socks and narrow fabric exp a plus.