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Job Code : Covid 19 - Msg
Location : World wide
Starting Date : ASAP
Salary : Open
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The Fashion Industry is an enduring hub of creativity so let’s brace it by connecting, talking and networking. It’s also the time to be adaptable. Update your media profiles. Take note of your strengths and transferable skills. Learn to apply yourself to broader job descriptions to be more marketable. Ask yourself, What other type of role could I consider? What can I bring to a company right now? Hone your skills for possible video interviews. Be prepared for an opportunity. Ware here to help, to help you polish your resume and sharpen your interview skills. At Tony Curtis & Associates we are skilled at nuance - forget Bob the Bot’s ATS - we see what he doesn’t.
It’s OK to be anxious, we all are. It’s a normal reaction to abnormal times. Take intentional care of yourself by reframing “doing the best I can” to “doing what I can in these times.” Often crisis provides opportunity, perhaps you can use this time to further creativity or hone any new or existing skills you lacked time for previously… there are lots of free online courses available right now. Reach out to us, keep the conversations rolling.

Due to social distancing and the shape of the current employment market we will not be posting all new positions just yet as we expect delays in activation for hiring and re-opening of businesses. We will hold off postings until time frames have more clarity, though it’s worth noting that some clients are open to remote/video interviewing depending on urgency.

In these past weeks I have had several inspiring conversations with many of our big brand leaders in fashion here in the GTA. We are actively communicating with and assisting clients with respect to salary structures that may be in flux presently, and we urge candidates to call us to discuss skill sets and preparing for job search.

If you are fortunate to be working from home at full or even reduced salary, please consider supporting industries/companies that design and develop in Canada. Wherever possible we need to bolster our local economy by supporting products that are local/Canadian value added and/or designed locally.
Resilience is an itch humans love to scratch witnessed by the power of connectedness, innovation and creativity by some of our major fashion brands right here in Toronto and globally these past weeks. Thank you all for your collective efforts in the rush to supply PPE and more to our heroic front-liners.

Call us at 416-224-0500 or email us at

To all our clients and candidates… Stay safe. Stay well. Stay hopeful.

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